Monday, October 15, 2007

Writers or Publishers

I was reading some posts on another page earlier and I saw something that I really liked. This author said that its not the publisher that defines our ability to write. That is all on the writer. And I agree with that. So what if we have a publisher that a lot of people don't like. That doesn't mean that we can't write or don't have the right to call ourselves writers. I was told the other day by another author that I cant call myself an author because I am getting published by Publish America. Which I do not agree with. I would tell you all to go to my website and look at my guestbook and see the comments that were left but I deleted them. I don't want negative feed back on my site. I set that website up for my book. A book that I put a lot of hard work into. But here I was getting negative feedback just because of who I was getting published by!!! I could see if they read the part of my book that I have on my site and told me that they didn't like it. I could take that. But to just sit there and talk bad about my publisher! There are a lot of people out there that really don't like Publish America, but I like them. I have no issues with them! So I really think that everyone out there needs to just let go of their "hatred" for publishers and think about the writers. Writers have talent and they need to be awarded for their talent. Not belittled because of who they are getting published by. So writers out there if you are one of the ones that criticize others because of who they are getting published by, please knock it off. We aren't little elementary school kids anymore. Its like you are saying "No, I wont talk to you because you are wearing red!" When you sit down and think about it, does it really make any sense? As writers we need to help each other out to get our book out there in the big scary world!!! And as a writer who is new to all of this, it was almost discouraging to hear all of that! If I wasn't so bull headed, than I would have just threw in the towel. Because I have heard some nasty things just because of who I am getting published by. So this message goes out to those who need to start acting their age and give the writers what they deserve!!!!

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