Friday, February 29, 2008

People #2

In a previous post I talked about my down stairs neighbor! Well I am going to talk about her again! She is a really weird woman. After a few weeks of nothing strange going on, the world decided to change. She is going crazy again! She tried to fill me in on that fact that she is going to try to get our Governor impeached!!!!n Also that cops and judges in Douglas County are all on the take! And she is going to get them fired! She also filled me in on her ideas about students from other countries coming over here on student Visa's. I am telling you that this lady really needs help! She is a strange one! She is always yelling at the top of her lungs at nobody! The other day I watched her walk out of her place and just start yelling. Than one other little thing. I have a friend that has a mentally challenged child. Well this last weekend, they came over. He was downstairs running around and playing. She called the cops on him!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? She told the cops that he was pounding on the door!!! Which is a big pile of you know what!!! (If he would have been pounding on the door we would have heard it upstairs) Than the next day he was outside again running around in our part of the driveway, and as she was leaving she yelled at him to stay away from her house!!!! For no reason she just started yelling at him about it. He wasn't even any were near her house!!! We have been trying to catch her to talk to her about all of this! But she stays in her place when she sees us. Or if she is walking out to her car and we are coming or going she runs back into her apartment! Maybe since she called the cops for no reason I should call the cops on her cats!!! They are crapping and pissing on my porch and spraying the tires of my van!!!! I just don't understand why she could be like this! Oh and than she complains about my kids making to much noise. What does she think that my kids are going to do? Just sit around and be quiet all day long? I don't think so! Its not okay for my kids to be loud but its okay for her to blare her TV and Music until 11 at night!!!! So what do you all think? Does it make sense to you????? Because it sure doesn't make sense to me!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hello everyone! Just a little post to let everyone know that I have a new website! Its

Also I would like to say one more thing, in my last post I made a comment about my publisher. And I take that all back. I was having a rough day and I needed to take it out on something. So I took it out on them. And my problems with my book are my own fault no one elses. I should have done a better check on spelling and gramar! So for any PublishAmerica author that is reading this and got offended by it I am truley sorry! PublishAmerica helped make my dream a reality! So once again I am very sorry!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally Back in Action

Well I am finaly back online and ready to go after a few months of being offline. And in that time I realized that having the internet at my disposal has helped alot getting through the hard days of being a parent. Its my escape from my children and as much as I would love to say that I dont need an escape from them, it isnt like that and any stay at home mom is going to agree with me. Or at least that is what I think.
But anyways, since my break from the pulls of online, I have finished the first draft of my next story. Its difrent from "A Whirl in the Darkness", this one is more of a suspense. It takes place on the Cape Cod, it name for now is "Deadly Passions". But that could change at anytime. I have a history of changing my titles all the time.
In one of my previous blogs I talk about publishers. And yes I still think that you should judge someone's writing by who they got published, but I have to admit that going with a vanity publishing company is the worst mistake that a begning author could make. I am sorry to say that I feel victim to one of those publishing companys that said they were traditional but they are just a vanity publisher.Thats right I am talking about PublishAmerica. I am not saying that they are bad, I am just saying that I should have done more research about them. But its okay, I'll do better with my next book. My goal is to try to get on with a big publishing company. But we'll see. Because its really hard to be able to get on with one of them. But you have to just keep trying. Because if you dont than you'll never know if you are good enough to do it. I know that I have talent as a writer, not sure if they are up the big publishing company's but I am going to give it a try.