Monday, June 23, 2008

A Few Good Websites for Tips

For all the writers out there I have been searching the web for good tips. I have found a few web sites. For instance He a good selection of tips for writers. You should really go there and check out his site. (He is a very talented man) There is also it has a very excellent collection from tips to spelling! There are a few other ones that I’ll post them later. And if any of you know about other good sites please email me at and let me know about them. I am glad that I have found a few good sites. It’s good to know that there are sites out there to help us up and coming writers.
I am going to end this for now but I’ll be posting again.

Also just one more thing, I have been reading on a lot of sites that its very good to put out some of your writing to get some feed back. So here within a few days I’ll be posting a chapter of my novel “Deadly Passion”. So when I do that please give me some feedback on it!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Styles of Writing

Hello Everyone, I was laying in bed last night and reading a book from one of my favorite authors, Barabra Micheals. As I was reading I was thinking about her style of writing. We all know that there are alot of diffrent styles out there in the world. She is very good on letting you know what is going on in her books. So I tried to think about my writing and I was wondering if I am the same way. And I dont think that I am that way. I like to leave a lot of it open so that the readers can fill in their own ideas! So this question is for the readers, which do you like better? Do you like it when the writer fills everything in for you? Or do you like it when you are able to fill in little things? So its all up to you! I hope you are all doing lots of reading. I know that I have been working so hard on "Deadly Passion" that my reading has gotten behind, I have way to many new books that I havent even opened yet! So for everyone sit back and think about what type of stories you like to read and let me know! Either leave a comment or email me at I wish you all a great day and lots of reading!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Still Around

Sorry all, I have been working hard on my next novel! Which I am happy to say is almost done! I have to get a copy of it to the person that is going to edit it for me! Then my journey for an agent is really going to get going. I have been searching the web off and on for an agent that is going to fit what I want. Let me tell you, its not as easy as some people think! There are alot of agents out there in the big world! :) But I am ready for the challenge of finding the one that is going to work for me! So life has been fun latley. Just working on the book, raising my three small children (that are growing like weeds), and spending time with my husband! I just wanted to come on and let everyone know that I am still around and am going to be posting more often. I have also been working on a short story. I am going to try to get in published in the Edgar Allan Poe Magaizine! One way or another I am going to get noticed in the big world of writing. I have noticed alot latley that there are many writers out there trying to get noticed! I have also come to realize that alot of them are in it for the money! Writing really shouldnt be about the money, it should be about the love of writing. Even if I never get noticed or even if I never get an agent, I am going to continue to write! Writing is one thing in my life that is non-stressful! I can sit down and start to peck at the keyes and the world around me just starts to fade away! And let me tell you that is an amazing feeling. I am not writing for the money or anything else. I am writing for my sanity! There are many things in life that you need to hold on to becuase of the fact that they make you who you are. And writing is a big part of me! When I was in high school, I did things to hide who I really was. I didnt want to be known as a nerd or dork! Well now I am proud to yell out "I AM A NERD AND PROUD OF IT!" There is nothing better then being proud of who you are! I guess I am getting alittle off the subject but that is okay! I am sitting here without a care in the world. I am writing! It doesnt matter that I am not working on my next book, or doing anything really important. But I am writing! So anyways.... I am going to end this post now. But I'll be back! So if anyone out there has any good information about writing that they would like to say with the outside world, email me at I am going to start posting writing tips. Even if you are not a writer but a reader I want to hear your input on what you like in books that you read! I wish everyone a happy day!