Monday, October 22, 2007

Story Ideas

Afternoon Everyone,
I have thought about so many story ideas. But I find myself always writing about mysteries. I think maybe its because of the fact that is the type of book that I like reading. But who knows. My husband tells me all the time that he could give me a bunch of ideas about books. For he grew up all over LA California. And I have thought maybe about writing a book about the stories that he has told me. But I cant find myself getting very far when he tells me one. I find myself turning it into a mystery. So here is a question for everyone out there, where do you get your ideas for stories? For me, I just start typing and it turns out. I have had some writers tell me that you need to have a outline already before you start writing. But for me if I start with an outline I cant write. I feel like I have to follow the outline to a tee. And my story doesn't work out like I think it should. So I sit down at my computer and just start writing. My stories start to take off all on their own. Once I have started to type I don't think about what is coming next. Some people say that isn't the way to write. But in my opinion it is, your story should be what you are feeling at that moment in time. So if you just sit down and start typing your feelings show a lot more.

That is enough for now, everyone have a good day!

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Mark said...

Hi Zana,
I like your way of writing a story. Just sit at your computer,
and let your fingers do the talking. I don't have a specific author's name, but I remember when
other authors where asked how they
write they said they have a general story idea, sit in front of their word processor, and the characters come alive - interacting, talking, and getting into trouble. So your way is certainly credible.
As an inventor imagination plays a big part in coming up with a new way to fix an old problem. I
start with factual information, and
think up possible ways to solve a
problem. I try not to copy someone
else's idea because it is usually problematic. In fact their method is often less than ideal, and thus eliminated as a preferred solution. It helps to know what doesn't work that way one does not reinvent a broken wheel comprende.