Monday, October 15, 2007

People #1

As I was writing my last blog entry, something came to me. A lot of people have their own ideas about how things should be. Like for example my downstairs neighbor and I do not get along. And the main reason for it is, she doesn't like children! And I have three! So she is always complaining about the noise that they make! Her other problem is my oldest daughter is (how to put this with out sounding mean) a brat! She likes to beat up on her younger sister, so as her punishment she has to go in her room. Once she is in her room she screams at the top of her lungs! And so of course that puts my neighbor in a bad mood. Well the other day she came up and told me that I was abusing my children. All because I put my daughter in room. Or as she puts it I "lock" her in her room. The funny thing is, when I put my daughter in room, the door is wide open. And I want to know how I lock my daughter in her room when there isn't a lock on her door! My neighbor also told my husband the other day, that all I do all day long is yell at my children! I wanted to yell at her at that moment. Because the only time I yell at my children is when they are doing something majorly wrong. And than at night when my youngest (he is 2 months old) wakes up and wants his bottle, my down stairs neighbor well scream at the top of her lungs. So one night I put a tape recorder on to see if maybe he was crying for awhile before I woke up. But no, he cried for about 30 seconds and than I woke up. And all of the sudden you hear yelling from the lady downstairs. She has even put complaints into our landlord about the kids. The funny thing about all of this is, before we even moved in here. I told her that we had 2 small children and one more on the way. And I asked her if she would have a problem with that. I told her that my three year old is a typical three year old who runs all the time, and she told me no that it wouldn't be a problem. But here she is now.... making all type of threats. She threatened to call the cops on me yesterday. For no reason, the kids and I were reading books! And she came up and started pounding on my door!! People like that just don't make sense to me! I know that she is not all there in the mind. But it still doesn't make really any sense to me! But I guess that is why we have this wonderful world we live in! To keep us always guessing about what is going to come around the next turn! And I know that this post isn't really about writing like I want this blog to be about... But I just needed to write that all.

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