Monday, June 23, 2008

A Few Good Websites for Tips

For all the writers out there I have been searching the web for good tips. I have found a few web sites. For instance He a good selection of tips for writers. You should really go there and check out his site. (He is a very talented man) There is also it has a very excellent collection from tips to spelling! There are a few other ones that I’ll post them later. And if any of you know about other good sites please email me at and let me know about them. I am glad that I have found a few good sites. It’s good to know that there are sites out there to help us up and coming writers.
I am going to end this for now but I’ll be posting again.

Also just one more thing, I have been reading on a lot of sites that its very good to put out some of your writing to get some feed back. So here within a few days I’ll be posting a chapter of my novel “Deadly Passion”. So when I do that please give me some feedback on it!


Emma Snow said...

Hi Zana.

Thank you for sharing so much helpful information with your fellow writers. And speaking of writers, you have quite a gift. I look forward to revisiting your site and reading more of your fine blogs.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but Dick Stodghills comments on writing should be taken with a grain of salt. He has been published with great mags but he has little experience in publishing fiction novels. If you want some great advice on writing, try sites like Fiction Factor at or Fiction Writers Connection or Crawford Killians site

There are many more, I'm only scratching the surface here. If you want tips on publication, try

The part where he states you can only get an agent by a face to face meeting is off the wall. I know of teens getting agents, check out the goals and accomplishment threads on Absolute Write and you'll see people are published/agented/accepted all the time because they put the time and effort into their project and they want the best publisher they can fine. Don't settle for less if you have the time and potential to do better, be that stand out person who will strive ahead of the herd!

Anonymous said...

find* not fine


Anonymous said...

Oh, and check this site out for a listing of 101 great writers site by Writers Digest!

Best of luck~! And keep writing.

Marian said...

The part where he states you can only get an agent by a face to face meeting is off the wall.

And there's even more misinformation regarding agents on his site. For instance, he claims, "The reliable agents and agencies are snowed under with mail from people hoping to be taken on as a client. The chance of succeeding that way is extremely remote but you may attract predators."

How exactly do you attract predators this way? For instance, if you query Donald Maass, does he say to his assistant, "Oh, we're snowed under. Send this query to Barbara Bauer"? Or does the predator regularly sneak into the reliable agent's office and search the wastepaper basket for discarded queries?

He also claims, "To have any hope of succeeding you must have an outstanding portfolio to display". I got an agent without a portfolio, outstanding or otherwise, and I know about a dozen other people who did the same.

He goes on to say, "tell the agent of your marketing and promotional ideas." Outside the PublishAmerica Message Board and in the real publishing industry, marketing is the responsibility of the publisher, not the author. My agent was more interested in my ideas for the next novel rather than in my attempting to do the job of the publisher's salesforce.

Mr Stodghill is a talented writer who has been commercially published, but if you rely on him for accurate advice and information regarding agents, you're going to be disappointed.

Good luck with your next book.