Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Writer's Block

I sat down last night to do some writing, wait I take that back I was hoping I could get some writing done (I have been fighting writer's block). And my mind was every where else but writing. I was thinking about the things that I needed to get done the next day. So I began to write out a list of everything that I needed to do. And about a half hour later my husband came in to see how I was doing with my writing (since I have been suffering from writer’s block). He looked at the page then asked me what I was doing. So I stopped jotting down things and looked at the page. I had started my list but then started writing a story and didn’t even notice. All I have to say is, I am out of my writer’s block, the weirdest things can get you over it. But I was just trying to think of the other things that get people out of writer’s block. So give me some ideas on what else people can do to get out of it. I have heard that people just sit down and start writing and that helps. My problem with that is when I have writers block I end up deleting every word I type because I think it sounds horrible. I did that many times with “A Whirl in the Darkness”. So give me your ideas so I can put them up for other writers!

And if you want to check out two chapters from “Deadly Passion” my novel that I am currently working on go to my website at

Have a good day and have fun writing!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'd be careful about posting chapters for pleasure, I hear that some publishers believe any part published on the net (not available as a critique in a crit group) has lost first rights. Might be a good idea to check out she says "I also post a chapter or two of my novel-in-progress. In general, you should avoid posting previously unpublished work, unless you've written it especially for your website or it's something you're sure you don't want to sell. If you publicly display an unpublished piece in its entirety, many editors will consider you to have used your first rights, which will make the piece much more difficult to place. Still, an excerpt from a long work like a novel or novella is probably OK (though if it's something you've already sold, be sure your publisher doesn't mind)"

Just a small suggestion, of course you don't have to take it.

Best of luck!