Friday, November 16, 2007

Alot Going on

Life as a writer, mom and wife has been really busy the last few days. I got my cover! Which I am thrilled about! I am so happy with it. Than I went to PublishAmerica's site and there my book is! Its now ready to be bought on line! I checked Amazon and Barnes&Noble today and there it was! I was so excited! I keep thinking that I am going to wake up and this is all a dream! I am glad that its all happening but its just kind of a dream! My childhood dream coming true! So now I am working on getting my book out there to more people! I cant wait until I have people coming up to me and telling me that they read my book and they loved it. Even if that doesn't happen its okay, all I care about is my book is out there for people to pick up and take it home with them. That is enough for me. Just knowing that I am a published author! I have my first interview set up for the 26th of this month I am really nervous about it! Even though I know the lady that is going to be giving me the interview. I have known her for years! Its crazy to think that all of this is happening.

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