Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Slight Problem

Hello everyone, I had an interseting turn of events the last few weeks. I sat down to do some writing the other day and I went to hit a few numbers and then realized that the numbers on my keyboard weren't working. Talk about frustrating. But I managed to work around that. I just begant to type the numbers out in letters. So then my family and I decided to go camping for my husband and I's anversiery. We get back from camping and I decided to sit down and put what I had wrote while camping into the computer. I get all situated with my coffee and the kids are locked on the other side of the door and then....... half of my letter keys wouldn't work. My husband came running into the rom after hearing me yell at the top of my lungs! So I filled him in on what was going on. He just laughed at me and said that I would find a way to fix it. So I sat there for about an hour trying to see if maybe the kids had done something to my computer. But I couldn't find anything wrong. So after a few days of me being very un happy my husband went and bought me a new keyboard. But the thing that really bugs me about the whole situation is that I just got this laptop about 8 months ago, and I coudln't get the warrenty on it because I couldn't afford it! And so now I have my perfect little laptop that I truley love with an externel keyboard! Talk about slight problems. It isnt that easy to pack around anymore. But at least I am back to writing. Which has saved my sanity!

Good luck to everyone! And remember if you come across anything you would like to share with us other writers, leave a comment or email me at zanadibartolomeo@gmail.com


Kim said...

Sometimes tha happens with my laptop - usually when my son's snuck into my office. You might want to check to see if one of the Control keys is stuck in the engaged position (that's what it's always been in my case.)

I'm not a techie, but I have to find out how to undo some of the things my Boy does. =)

Kim said...

Oh, and if all else fails, you can also replace the keyboard on the laptop - but that can be expensive...

Sorry about the 2 comments - I thought of it after I hit publish. Yikes.