Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hello everyone! Just a little post to let everyone know that I have a new website! Its www.freewebs.com/zanadib

Also I would like to say one more thing, in my last post I made a comment about my publisher. And I take that all back. I was having a rough day and I needed to take it out on something. So I took it out on them. And my problems with my book are my own fault no one elses. I should have done a better check on spelling and gramar! So for any PublishAmerica author that is reading this and got offended by it I am truley sorry! PublishAmerica helped make my dream a reality! So once again I am very sorry!!!

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Brittany Campbell said...

Ok so I will look at your website but you are tagged so ogo look at my blog to get the info.